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The ABCD Guide to Young South Asians in the UK and the diaspora.

Exploring their .... Attitudes, Behaviour, Choices, Desires.

A One Day Seminar
47% of all South Asians are born in the UK
The majority of these are under 25 years old
70% remain in full time education
The South Asian population is expected to double in 30 years

Young South Asians (18-30 year olds) are increasing their presence and influence in education, business, government, the arts, science and the media.

A growing force that presents a growing potential .....

This course explores this potential and helps organisations to harness The Young South Asian Opportunity.

"More and more companies and organisations are re-positioning their products and advertisements to target this potent segment." - Day of the Asian Youngster

"Teens are pivotal to a family's purchases today. Get them, and you have the entire household." - India Today, April 5, 1999

Target Audience
Senior managers involved in marketing, sales, purchasing, personnel & finance departments.

By the end of this seminar the participants will be able to:
  Understand what drives Young South Asians in their choices and decisions
  Be better prepared in offering the right type of services and products to Young South Asians
  Leave with an action plan for improving their strategies in reaching Young South Asians

The seminar is highly interactive in nature.  Through active briefing, discussion and enactment of authentic business scenarios (drawn from the clients' own business world), participants are involved in learning and practising new skills.   Case studies and role play exercises are used extensively for maximum impact.

We recommend a maximum group size of 8 -10 to guarantee maximum effectiveness of the seminar.

Course Outline
Session 1 - Understanding the Young South Asian
  Key statistics and trends 2000-2020
  Attitudes to family, education, work, leisure
  Identity: British, Asian or British Asian
  Influences begin at home
  A question of religion and values
Session 2 - Young South Asian behaviour
  Making craeer choices
  About TV & listening habits
  What they read & what they eat
  How they spend their time and money
Session 3 - Know your Young South Asian Customer
  What they expect from you and from the world
  Developing your organisation to meet their needs
  Making and keeping them as your customers

Overview | The South Asian Opportunity | Orientation Seminar | Young South Asians
Diversity Matters - It Really Does | Working with the Indians


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