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Cross-Cultural Training Programme

The ULTIMATE training tool to enable your company to bridge the cultural gap to the South Asian community

Training Pack

How to order training pack

  Are you looking to expand into the lucrative UK-Asian market?
  Are Asian cultural differences creating a barrier in your marketing strategy?
  Are you failing to attract Asian clients/customers?


  • A professional training package prepared by the UK's foremost Asian Team of entrepreneurial business trainers
  • On-site training can be tailored for small  groups through to 'conference' presentations
  • Every delegate receives a copy of the 'South Asian Opportunity' training pack (illustrated above)
  • Highly qualified, highly skilled international speakers


The South Asian Opportunity - A Training Resource

This is a training resource with a difference. It is fun, interesting, comprehensible and people friendly. In addition it is factual, educational, awareness raising, culturally challenging and offers opportunities for business development and improved relationships with Britain's ethnic minorities.

Specifically its focus is the South Asian comrnunity in Britain. There is a wealth of information that both fascinates and informs. Even when you think you know most of what there is to know about Asians, there is more. A certain mystique is unravelled through use of the resource and the stereotypes of the Asians and their traditions are cast aside or confirmed.

In keeping with the enterprising label that is often attached to Asians. the training resource is the product of careful planning and meticulous execution.

The training resource will be invaluable to anyone and their organisation seeking to develop, incorporate and include Asians, as part of organisations equipping themselves to survive in an increasingly diverse cultural environment.?

Sir Herman Ouseley

CHAIRMAN - Commission For Racial Equality


Building Bridges

Communicating Across Cultures



The material for this training resource has been developed and tested in workshops and seminars with a number of private and public sector organisations, including the

  • Inland Revenue
  • The Cabinet Office
  • The Prince's Youth Business Trust and
  • Midland Bank 

We are grateful for their feedback, suggestions and encouragement.


The South Asian opportunity Training Pack can be used on its own or in conjunction with our own professional training staff. The pack contains material for a series of workshops and the topics can be covered in different formats. for example:

  • a whole day programme with four sessions
  • a half-day programme
  • a two hour introduction
  • two half-day sessions
  • four separate sessions, for example: on a weekly basis


The pack contains all the materials you need to conduct effective workshops

  • overall outline of each session, with suggested timings and format
  • materials for each part of the session
  • masters for making OHPs and posters
  • information about resources for further study and training


To help you share in opportunities in the south Asian community

  • by developing better relationships with South Asians.
  • through greater awareness and more effective communication.
  • so that together you can increase you market share, profitability and contribution to the community.

  A - Awareness

To help you gain greater awareness of the Asian community by:

  • understanding
  1. the resources and opportunities of the Asian community
  2. the diversity within the Asian community
  3. the cultural issues and pressures which face Asians in the UK
  • exploring your own attitudes so that you can begin to develop relationships with Asian individuals, groups or families

  B - Building Bridges

To help you to:

  • identify common concerns and links


  • understand cultural differences

through which you can further strengthen working relationships

  C - Communicating Across Cultures

To provide principles of communication so that you can begin to communicate effectively about matters of importance.

  D - Development

To provide framework for developing your organisation and developing people. Achieving long-term change.

Overview | The South Asian Opportunity | Orientation Seminar | Young South Asians
Diversity Matters - It Really Does | Working with the Indians


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