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For those doing business, or planning to work or live in India - What you need to know.

A One Day Seminar
Having emerged from centuries of economic isolation, the new India is a vital and rapidly expanding market. Since 1991, it has experienced a new entrepreneurship through economic reforms. India is the fifth largest economy in the world and has the second largest GDP among emerging economies.

With its vast natural resources, pool of highly trained professionals, and an estimated 250 million middle class population, it is a country that cannot be overlooked by any company involved in the global economy.

Target Audience
Senior managers dealing with India or expatriates going to India (marketing, sales, purchasing, personnel, finance departments).

By the end of this seminar the participants will be able to:
  Understand the impact of cultural differences in doing business in India the "Indian" way.
  Better deploy their company resources (human and financial)
  Leave with an action plan for improving their partnerships

The seminar is highly interactive in nature. Through active briefing, discussion, and enactment of authentic business scenarios (drawn from the clients' own business world), participants are involved in learning and practising new skills. Case studies and role play exercises are used extensively for maximum impact.

We recommend a maximum group size of 8-10 to guarantee effectiveness of the seminar.

Course Outline
Part 1 - An Introduction to India
  Civilisation 5000+ years
  British influence 300+ years
  Since Independence 1947 - now
  Land, climate, resources
  Identity / diversity
  Languages / dialects
  The Caste System
  Educational system / workforce
  City vs. rural
  Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians
  Beliefs and value systems
  Philosophy / astrology
Part 2 - India: An Economic Perspective
  Overview of the Indian Market
  The benefits of economic liberalisation
  The 250 million middle class market
  Foreign investment
  Deregulation & delicensing
  Overseas Trade
  Setting up in India
  Rules and regulations
  The role of Government
  Legal requirements
  Financial & banking
  Joint Venture or Wholly Owned?
Part 3 - Practical Guidelines
  Culture & Attitudes
  Influence of religion
  Ethics in business
  Attitude to time, people & the environment
  Communication Tactics
  Cultural sensitivity
  The "Indian" style
  Structuring meetings
  Verbal and non-verbal
  Negotiation Techniques
  Setting the scene
  Team dynamics
  Relationship building
  Maintaining the relationship

Overview | The South Asian Opportunity | Orientation Seminar | Young South Asians
Diversity Matters - It Really Does | Working with the Indians


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