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Friends, Strangers, Citizens? DVD

Friends, Strangers, Citizens?
Life in Britain post 7/7

In this DVD discussion resource community leaders, young people and people on the street give their views on issues such as the threat of terror, the role of religion, multiculturalism and freedom of speech.

The DVD is split into 5 short sections (approx 6 minutes each) covering the following topics:
• What happened on 7/7?
• Is religion the problem or the solution?
• Is multi-culturalism dead?
• Freedom of speech vs respect?
• What kind of Britain do we want?

Worksheets with further material and discussion questions are included on the disc and can be photocopied freely.

New Media Awards NominatedThe DVD is the latest module in the Masala BridgeBuilders series of group discussion resources, which are already in use in schools and community groups. Its aim is to help people talk and listen to each other, a key step in promoting understanding between people and building bridges - part of the long term solution for damaged community relations.

“The topics covered by this DVD are thought provoking and highly relevant for use with young people of all ages, genders and ethnicity. I strongly endorse this material for use in almost any context.”
William Atkinson, Headteacher, Phoenix High School, West London

"a high quality discussion resource, especially for Key Stages 4 & 5."
Jenny Rowley, lead adviser for PSHE & Citizenship Education, London Borough of Sutton

"A superb collection of discussion starters that asks the kinds of questions that we're often too afraid to address. Impressively thorough, vitally impartial and desperately important.”
Martin Saunders, editor of Youthwork Magazine

"timely… a useful and provocative discussion starter for youth groups or schools”
Andrew Smith,  Youth Specialist, Christian-Muslim Forum

"Accessible, very challenging… the section on multiculturalism pulled it together.”
Carl Knightly, Immigration Officer

You can play section A from the DVD if you have Flash Player installed. Also click here to view another clip from section B of the DVD on YouTube.

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Price: £10.00 UK

Discounts available for large orders. Contact us for details.

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