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CHANGING India: Insights from the margin

Author: Robin Thomson

India is changing: a fact acknowledged by everyone, from the rural farmer in Bihar and the software engineer in Bangalore to the occasional visitor from Britain. India is changing: socially, technologically, economically and politically. The changes in the past 10 years alone are more than in the 50 years since Independence. Where do these changes come from? Who are the agents of change? Who benefits? Will these changes increase the divide between rich/poor, haves/have nots, educated/illiterate?

These are some of the questions raised by Robin Thomson in his new book Changing India. Robin was born in Mussoorie and has spent the last 35 years working in India or travelling between India and the UK. His insights provide much food for thought. They are based on the stories of friends - Indians who continue to live in, love and serve their country. They have been involved in literacy projects, slum development, business, health and community development throughout India for decades. They have lived through and contributed to the changing India.

"Though this book is bound to raise Hindu eyebrows it is well worth a read since it discusses carefully the all important and hotly pursued issue of the day in religious circles - conversion."
Bimal Krishna Das, Secretary
National Council of Hindu Temples, UK.

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