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The British and how to deal with them

Doing Business with Britain's Ethnic Communities

Authors: Ram Gidoomal, Deepak Mahtani & David Porter

Ethnic businesses make a significant contribution to the UK economy. For example 12% of all business start ups now feature ethnic enterprises.Why then have many mainstream UK businesses been unable to harness the opportunities offered by this valuable element of the economy? Incorporating ethnic businesses into their supply chains or engaging them as customers must be a priority but establishing an effective method of communication often evades even the largest corporate body.

In 'The British and how to deal with them' Ram Gidoomal, Deepak Mahtani and David Porter demonstrate the importance of ethnic businesses to the UK. The book illustrates the characteristics of the ethnic communities and discusses how to build cross-cultural relationships. It is a map of territory that is largely uncharted and celebrates a national resource that has often gone completely ignored.The authors also identify a number of'fault-lines' which affect the integration of ethnic businesses into the UK economy.

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Price: 16.99 UK

ISBN: 1 898 253 4 20

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