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Silent Contributors - Asian Female Entrepreneurs and Women in Business
Author: Spinder Dhaliwal

Now available from CAER
(Centre for Asian Entrepreneurial Research)

The growth of Asian enterprises has been a much commented upon feature of the small business population.  Asian entrepreneurs have been eulogised by the popular press keen to laud free enterprise heroes.  More detached economic commentary has also sought to identify the key success factors for this entrepreneurial minority.  Much less conspicuous has been the role that the female Asian entrepreneurs and Asian women working in the "family" business play.  Spinder Dhaliwal's new study focuses upon the often neglected issue of the contribution of Asian women to both entrepreneurship and the management of family businesses.

In order to illuminate the position of Asian women in business, a series of interviews were undertaken with two particular groups.  Asian entrepreneurs in their own right 'independent' women; and Asian women working in family enterprises, 'hidden' women.

The book sheds light on a number of neglected issues within the increasingly important area of ethnic entrepreneurship. 

In addition to the 'independent' and the 'hidden' women, a group of 'superwomen' were included.  These women have some ownership capacity and participate in the running of the larger businesses which are household names.

Parween Warsi - S & A Foods

Meena Pathak - Patak's

Bushra Ahmend - The Legendary Joe Bloggs Company

Zeenat Harnal - Noon Products plc

Copies of the book are available from:
The Centre for Asian Entrepreneurial Research
Southlands College
Roehampton Institute
London, SW15 5SL
Tel: 0181-392 3487  Fax: 0181-392 3646.  E-mail

Price 6.99 (inc. p&p)


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