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  Cyclone Sidr Affects Millions in Bangladesh
January 2008

Latest Update April 2008South Asian Floods

Millions of people in Bangladesh lost their homes and livelihoods after Cyclone Sidr swept across the country last November. Over 3,000 people lost their lives, with a further 40,000 sustaining injuries. Reports say that 240,000 livestock were killed and over 1.6 million acres of crops have been destroyed.

South Asian Development Partnership has sent £4,000 from our Relief Fund to our partners – HEED Bangladesh (Health, Education and Economic Development). HEED’s program is designed to meet the immediate and mid-term needs of the families and communities affected. After an immediate cyclone-shelter based response, the project plans to assist 21,000 families with emergency food, 5,000 families with warm blankets, 3,000 family heads with temporary employment for 20 days,  6,000 widows or poor families with temporary housing and approximately 22,550 families with agricultural and fisheries livelihood recovery. A further 30 families will be assisted in resuming restoration of timber processing, utilising fallen trees and 60 families in fisheries recovery.

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Go to Heed’s website

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