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Press Release
12th November 1999

Indian Kosovo Relief Team Heads to Orissa
Earlier this year, South Asian Development Partnership (SADP) together with the Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA) of New Delhi sent 2 medical teams to Kosovo.  A team of 8 is now being sent for a period of 4 weeks to the cyclone-struck state of Orissa to assist in urgent relief work. The team of 3 doctors, 4 nurses and a pharmacist leaves for Jagatsinghpur today, November 12th. 

EHA, with its 18 hospitals, 26 community health and development programmes based in North India, is well suited to this task.  Following the Maharastra earthquake in 1993, it worked in partnership with GMTV to raise over 500,000 to build a hospital to serve the needs of 324,000 people.

Dr Vinod Shah, Executive Secretary of EHA, who will personally supervise this effort, comments:  “The need is so overwhelming that we have to respond.  Even though it is not at all convenient for any of us to do so at this time, compassion gives us no alternative.”

While the cyclone has claimed thousands of deaths, thousands more are dying due to diahorrea, and the number increases daily.  EHA will specifically tackle water problems which are the biggest threat to survival.  The team will be taking bleaching powder and chlorine tables to clean ponds and lakes.  Industrial gloves will be used to clear out the floating, dead carcasses that contaminate the waters.  UNICEF have allotted 5,000 families (25,000 people) in the Jagatsinghpur area to EHA and its partners, to help provide health, nutrition and housing.

The team is also taking Rupees 250,000 (4000) worth of medication from their own budget but realise this will be sufficient to last only 2 days.

Ram Gidoomal CBE, who initiated the Kosovo and GMTV Maharastra appeals, pleaded with the business community and individuals to dig deep into their pockets and give.  He said:  “We must not allow compassion fatigue to defeat us.  This is a real tragedy of colossal proportions and will take everything we can give to rebuild shattered communities.  We cannot stand aside and do nothing.  It is great to see the response from Britain to this tragedy but the needs are enormous and we must dig deeper than ever before”.

To give to this appeal or for further information, contact:

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(International Director)
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South Asian Development Partnership
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