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Press Release
28th April 2000

 ORISSA: Rebuilding for a lasting future…lest we forget.

Six months after the cyclone in Orissa, the relief workers, reporters and cameras have gone. But a small group of faithful charity workers continue the task of picking up the pieces and helping the people of Orissa put their lives back together.

South Asian Development Partnership, a UK registered charity, chaired by Ram Gidoomal CBE is spearheading a co-operative venture to build long term rehabilitation and provide long term solutions. Commenting on the launch, Ram Gidoomal said: “Compassion must never grow tired. This project demonstrates our commitment to address the underlying causes and provide long-term solutions that will result in self-sufficiency.”

Phase 1 of the Erasama Project was launched on 17th April with a budget of 32,000 in partnership with the Emmanuel Hospital Association, an established NGO with 30 years of expertise in health and development. This project builds on the relief work EHA teams were involved with in the Jagatsinghpur district. Dr Reshmi Peppin, a native of Orissa, heads the programme.

In consultation with local government, this strategic programme has 3 key objectives:

  • ‘Food for Work’ activities restoring roads and ponds for the acute stage of deprivation

  • Livelihood support systems with women’s self-help groups, loan schemes for poultry and goats, fishing tackle, free saplings and new tube wells

  • Capacity building for women and girls with functional literacy classes, health teaching and leadership training

Dr Vinod Shah, Executive Secretary of the Emmanuel Hospital Association, speaking from New Delhi said: “We are thrilled to see this programme get started. It would not have been possible without this meaningful, sensitive international partnership.”

South Asian Development Partnership’s creative leadership has harnessed a diversity of partners, from mainstream aid agencies such as Tearfund, who have committed to meet 50% of the budget; to charitable lunches at Mayfair’s Tamarind restaurant. Non-resident Indians have got behind this initiative to make a real difference in their ancestral homeland.

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