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Press Release


South Asian Development Partnership (SADP), the London based non-resident Indian (NRI) charity, is co-ordinating a unique initiative in response to the Kosovo refugee crisis.

Seeing the plight of women and children fleeing into Albania, a prominent NRI businessman in London has generously funded a proposal to send medical teams and essential supplies from India to Albania. Touched by this act of compassion, US based NRI Bharat Desai, President of Syntel Inc, has joined forces to underwrite the air fares involved.

SADP has linked with its partner charity in India, the Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA), to turn this dream into a reality. EHA, with its 18 hospitals, 26 community health and development programmes and 1,000 staff, is well suited to this task. EHA’s Executive Secretary, Dr Vinod Shah, said: "Our staff are used to working sacrificially in difficult rural situations with limited resources - I am sure they will meet this challenge."

Teams from EHA will bring medicines and other essential supplies from India and will work in close co-operation with aid agencies and churches in Albania. Each team will consist of doctors, nurses, a community social worker and a laboratory technician.

Ram Gidoomal CBE, Chairman of SADP, comments: "I am very excited that this project brings international Indian aid to those in desperate need in Albania, the homeland of Mother Theresa, who gave her life to India."

This initiative coincides with the launch in London of the Emmanuel Hospital Association (UK), a UK charity to partner and support the work of EHA in India, on Tuesday 13 April. 

For further information contact:

Deepak Mahtani
International Director
South Asian Development Partnership
PO Box 43, Sutton, Surrey SM2 5WL
Tel: 0208 770 9717 / Fax: 0208 770 9747

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From left to right
Mr Ram Gidoomal CBE, Mr Paul East and Mr Arjun Waney

Mr Waney presenting his donation on the steps of The Nehru Centre, London

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