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  The Jamnagar Vocational Training Centre

South Asian Development Partnership hands over £25,000 to set up The Jamnagar Vocational Training Center (left to right):
Mr Ram Gidoomal CBE, Chairman of South Asian Development Partnership (SADP)
Dr Varghese Philip, Medical Secretary of Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA)
Mr Deepak Mahtani, International Director of SADP
Dr Vinod Shah, Executive Secretary of EHA

South Asian Development Partnership, through generous donations from many individuals and organisations here in the UK is pleased to initiate a forward-looking program post-Gujarat.

The Jamnagar Vocational Training Center was born out of a diaspora concern for the earthquake affected people of Gujarat. It is designed to serve the needs of the impoverished population of the urban slums of Jamnagar City.

Jamnagar city is the district headquarter of Jamnagar District which was among the most affected by the Earthquake. The city had its share of cracked and collapsed buildings which were restored by the owners who could afford to do so. This was not the case for poor urban slum dwellers. The earthquake further compromised their already tenuous existence. When the Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA) conducted its earthquake relief and rehabilitation work it was discovered that there were only minimal development services for urban slums both from the government and non government sector. Slums having political patronage were comparatively well serviced. Those without such backing were cut off from the mainstream.

Situated on the Gulf of Kutch, Jamanagar it is a port town. The port afforded daily livelihood for many until shipping came in for a world-wide slump and it shut down, creating widespread unemployment. The main preoccupation of the poor increasingly became looking for opportunities to earn their next meal. When EHA decided to drop anchor in Jamnagar and start a slum rehabilitation program, it was felt that the prime thrust should be in the area of socio-economic rehabilitation.

The demographic profile of the population covered by this project is as follows:

Total Population: 12,080
Gender: Males: 52% / Females: 48%
Sex Ratio: 906 females for every 1000 males
Religion: 69% Muslim / 31% Hindu
Literacy: Males: 21% / Females 12%
Employment: Males: 28.9% / Females 2.5%
Monthly Income: Rs. 1500/month (£20) - Average
Socio Economic Status: Very Poor - 60%
Poor - 23%
Middle - 15%
Upper - 2%

The interventions to improve the socio-economic status include:

  1. Non Formal Education for school going age groups, with mainstreaming into formal education
  2. Adult literacy-Imparting functional literacy to post school going age groups.
  3. Women’s Thrift and Credit Groups to facilitate micro finance for income generating enterprises.
  4. Training in livelihood skills: Tailoring classes have been in progress for the last two years.

The need to explore other avenues of self-employment with fairly assured income resulted in the planning for a vocational training center (VTC). The VTC’s aim is to provide suitable training at subsidized rates and convenient timings for illiterate or semi literate men and women in skills such as electrical works, plumbing, carpentry, textile printing, tie and dye, beauty culture and computer operations. Trainees will be linked with prospective employers or assisted to set up their own businesses.

Sustainability is hoped to be achieved through the giving of loans for training which will then be returned after generation of income. The center can also be used commercially for desk top publishing. Trainees can take on repair jobs or go into manufacture of goods for sale. A few years of support would be required before the center could become self sustaining.

We base the success of the enterprise on the hard working, venturesome spirit of Gujarati people which requires a very small foothold to launch itself into the world of socio-economic mobility and development.

Deepak Mahtani
International Director
South Asian Development Partnership

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