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Progress Report


Emmanuel Hospital Association

Gujarat Earthquake 2001


29 January 2001

  • The EHA team consisting of the following has already reached Ahmedabad, Gujarat
    • Dr. Santosh Mathew
    • Dr. Koshy George
    • Dr. Rajesh Varma
    • Dr. Jacob John
    • Mr.Vinay John
    • Ms.Sujai
    • Ms.Gigi
  • Rev. Dino Touthang, Director, Operations, EFICOR (Evangelical Fellowship of India Commission On Relief) is coordinating the relief efforts - trying to link up various relief organisations.
  • The team will be leaving for a village called Adhoi in Kucch district on the 30th morning in a hired van. The village is 270 kms from Ahmedabad, 130 kms from Bhuj and 15 kms from Bacchaw, which was the epicentre of the quake. It will take approximately 7 hours for them to reach the village from Ahmedabad. 
  • From the initial reports, the village has been totally devastated and no agency has yet reached. The exact extent of destruction will be known only in a few days after the team starts working there.
  • Operation Mobilisation was working in the area. Almost all in the village have lost their houses. Drinking water is difficult to find.
  • The team will be initially based in Adhoi and operate the mobile clinic from there. The team has taken tents, water, cooking supplies for 7 days. Locals in the village have agreed to cook for the team.
  • There is a lot of psychological stress because of the continuing tremors in the region. Even in Ahmedabad people are sleeping in the open areas and streets.
  • Medicines may have to be shipped from Delhi
  • Another team will take over in a weeks' time.
  • Please do pray for their safety. Pray that they will bring consolation and hope to the many who are injured and lost their loved ones.
  • Will keep you updated

Dr. V. Philip

Medical Secretary

Emmanuel Hospital Association

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