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  Monsoon Floods Affect Millions across South Asia
August 2007

South Asian FloodsAbout 30 million people have been affected by monsoon floods across areas of northern India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Afghanistan.

South Asian Development Partnership has sent £8,000 to our partners - half going to Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA), working in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, north India, and the other half going to World Venture and FebInternational, working in the Sindh region of Pakistan.

Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, India
Nearly 400 people have lost their lives in the floods in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh (UP) through drowning, poisonous snake bites, hunger and lack of medication amongst other things, and more than 15 million people continue to reel under the impact of the deluge. Many have lost their homes, crops and livelihoods and are in need of drinking water, dry food and medicine. Ponds of stagnant water left by the floods are lethal breeding grounds for germs, and water borne diseases are spreading all over the affected areas. Many are suffering from diarrhoea, dysentery, fever and other diseases. Cholera epidemics have broken out in certain villages. Infants are particularly vulnerable to diarrhoeal disease, measles, malaria and hypothermia, due to most shelters being open to the elements.

EHA is providing relief operations in East Champaran district of Bihar and Balrampur district of UP, with emergency provisions of food, water, supplies and medical treatments through its two hospitals – Duncan Hospital and Prem Sewa Hospital.

South Asian Floods The hospitals have so far distributed food and hygiene kits to 5000 families, school kits to 500 children and nutrition to 500 nursing mothers. As well as providing medical care to affected people both at the hospitals and through mobile clinics, the hospitals have been providing health education in villages to try and mitigate epidemics and are carrying out a village cleaning and sanitation campaign.

The continuous rains have led to the hospital and staff houses being flooded again. The hospital is over flowing with patients, being brought in with various diseases and snake bites. Despite waterlogged wards, delivery rooms, and operating theatres, the hospital staff are bravely labouring on, providing much needed medical care and treatment

Sindh, Pakistan
Cyclone Yemyin caused severe flooding in the western areas of the Sindh region, leaving 280 people dead and impacting the lives of 2.5 million others.

Many of the Sindhis living in these areas are already very poor. Some who managed to salvage possessions have had them stolen. Someone commented "Feelings of compassion seem to have been wiped out”. Now people are suffering from the longer term affects of the flooding with more mosquitoes and bad water.

A small relief team has identified an area with over 3000 families, which they aim to assist with tents, rations, mosquito nets, water containers and clothes. The cost and the delivery of these goods is approximately £30.00 per family.

Security is a concern as there have been reports of relief teams being attacked and beaten trying to distribute food to needy areas.

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