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We provide consultancy in the areas of Diversity and Equality on a regular basis. Our 10 year experience in the UK South Asian community has given us a reputation to be "South Asian Experts".

Organisations who have benefited most are those trying to access the South Asian population to:

  • Market their products or services
  • Recruit from the South Asian population

Case Studies

No. 1
A large retailer came to us with the question:
We know Asians are avid readers and very literate, but when we look at our customer base, less than 1% are from the Asian community. Why?

This lead to an Audit which we performed at their HQ, which included asking questions such as:

  • How much floor and shelf-space do you give to Asian literature and culture compared to New Age or Gay/Lesbian literature?
  • Do you stock any Asian newspapers and magazines?
  • What messages does this communicate to your potential Asian customer who walks into your shops?
  • Why should they shop where their needs are not being met?

They would prefer to go into their local bookshop that sells what they are looking for.

Over a period of 3 months, we audited their personnel and purchasing policies and introduced improvements and recommendations.

A year later, the number of Asian clients had multiplied significantly.

No. 2
An investment bank came to us with the question:
How can we increase the number of high net worth Asians as our customers?

Again, we put forth a proposal that included:

  • A one day Cultural Awareness Training seminar for senior managers.
  • Organising a series of meetings to understand the bank culture, and doing a Diversity Audit of their material, advertising, and personnel. Much of this revealed a very white, middle-class, old-boy network approach.
  • Suggesting they adapt some new strategies of improving their approach and communication style to fit more in with the Asian culture.
  • One suggestion was to send appropriate cards and presents to them, i.e. instead of sending Christmas cards and presents, send Eid cards to Muslims and send a box of mithai (Indian sweet) at Diwali to their Hindu clients.
  • We were then able to organise a high class dinner where 12 key Asian wealth entrepreneurs attended.

Two have since become very valuable clients.

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