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Who are we?

South Asian Development Partnership (SADP) is a group of Asian and UK business professionals based in South England.

SADP exists to facilitate and catalyse entrepreneurial initiatives in the UK and South Asia. We work to stimulate awareness and creative responses to social issues in the Asian community.

Important message:

London Bridge Terror Attack

We condemn this further attack in the strongest terms. We send our sympathy and pray for all those affected, and offer our support to the Government, the Mayor of London and other authorities as they respond.

Once again, this is a call to all communities to be open to each other and support each other, not working separately but together. All of us need to respond openly to the poisonous, hate-filled agenda of Islamist extremism, to say that this does not represent us and we do not support it in any way. We applaud all those who have already spoken out in this way.

Suicide bombing in Greater Manchester

South Asian Development Partnership condemns this attack. We send our sympathy and pray for all those affected. We praise the people of Manchester for the calm and united response from all communities.

We stand for peace and have worked for years to bring better understanding between communities, through our conferences, educational materials and personal interaction with people of all backgrounds. This act of violence does not represent the overwhelming majority of our society. We urge any who are tempted to violence to realise this is not the answer, and never will be. Your community does not support you.

Children's Voices for Peace

As we respond in horror to this atrocity, we are reminded that this is one of the reasons we are holding our conference. Innocent young people and children have again been the main casualties of violence.

We will inform you as soon as the revised date for the conference is fixed and hope you will join us then. Meanwhile let us continue to work for peace.

Pass this message on in every way you can.

Dr Prem Sharma OBE
Patron SADP

We aim to be N.I.C.E. - Networking, Initiating, Catalysing & Encouraging

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